Just in time for Remembrance Day, Vietnam: Canada's Shadow War, a documentary by Merit Motion Pictures that examines Canada’s role in the Vietnam conflict, and its relationship with the United States throughout the decade-long war, is now available on DVD. Click here to purchase the film.Directed by Andy Blicq, Vietnam: Canada’s Shadow War features insightful interviews from a variety of fascinating perspectives, including photographer Laura Jones who fled the U.S. with her husband and chronicled the war resistance movement from Toronto, as well as journalist Peter Kent, who was on the ground reporting from Vietnam during the fall of Saigon, and draft evader John Hagan, author of Northern Passage: American Vietnam War Resisters in Canada.While Canada chose not to join America in the fighting, welcoming draft dodgers and deserters fleeing military service, it did support America in the field with intelligence and earned huge profits from the sale of munitions and supplies to the U.S. military’s almost limitless demand. But by the end of the conflict the Canadian government, reflecting changing public opinion, criticized American policy regarding the bombing of North Vietnam – and a new Canadian identity emerged.

Remembrance Day Poppies

Vietnam: Canada’s Shadow War is produced by Merit Motion Pictures in association with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and with the participation of the Canada Media Fund, the Rogers Documentary Fund, the financial investment of Manitoba Film & Music, and the assistance of the Manitoba Film and Video Production Tax Credit Program and the Canadian Film or Video Tax Credit Program.Merit Motion Pictures is one of Canada’s leading producers of factual entertainment programming. Founded by executive producer and industry veteran Merit Jensen Carr, Merit Motion Pictures is known for producing multi-platform programs. Recent highlights include Conspiracy Rising, Faking the Grade, Information Overload, The Truth About Shoplifting, The Truth About Liars, and the multi-award winning CBC co-produced, One Ocean series for CBC’s The Nature of Things. www.meritmotionpictures.comFor photography please visit: http://www.cbc.ca/mediacentre/Media Contacts – to request a screener or interview:Christine Liber, 416-651-4722 x 1, christine@libertyink.caJennifer Jensen-Tracy, 226-387-4067, jen.jensen@sympatico.ca

November 5, 2015