The polar bear migration for the year is coming to an end in Churchill, Manitoba - and the wait for seals is almost over as the bears return to Hudson Bay to reclaim their hunting grounds. Polar Bear Week, from November 1 - 7, acknowledges this great migration, so all week long we're celebrating polar bears and drawing awareness to their beautiful arctic habitat.Even if you have never visited Churchill, Manitoba or seen a polar bear, there are still many ways in which you can take part in #PolarBearWeek and join the discussion. Read on below to discover how you can participate.Live Polar Bear CamYou can watch the polar bear migration live, right here from the polar bear cam that our resident “Polar Bear Whisperer”, Dennis Comparye, from our OLN series Polar Bear Town, was instrumental in setting up years ago.

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#SaveOurSeaIceLearn about all the things you can do from home to protect arctic habitats through the #SaveOurSeaIce campaign here.Join the ConversationTake part in the #PolarBearWeek discussion online with the hashtag and connect with a community of people interested in polar bears from a variety of standpoints. If you are looking for content to share, while you are chatting about polar bears, you are welcome to use any of the polar bear videos or photos that we shot while filming. We also plan to keep the conversation going beyond Polar Bear Week with bear stories in general. If you have a bear story of your own, share it on Twitter and / or Instagram with the hashtags #BearTales and #LivingWithBears and we will be sure to give your stories some digital love!Waiting for DancerDennis Comparye, the Polar Bear Whisperer, has recently written a compelling memoir about his life in Churchill. Waiting for Dancer tells his story as a legendary Churchill polar bear guide complemented by stunning images from celebrated wildlife photographer Andrew Bazeley (who you will meet when you tune into Polar Bear Town on OLN).


Polar Bear AlleyKelsey Elliason, another guide featured in Polar Bear Town, has a comprehensive website called Polar Bear Alley with up-to-date information and resources on polar bears and all things Churchill.Polar Bear Town, Tuesdays on OLNAnd don't forget to watch Polar Bear Town, Tuesday nights at 9 pm ET/PT on OLN. Visit the OLN website here to learn more about the show and watch any episodes that you've missed!

November 5, 2015