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Cub Camp

The Story

The smallest arrive blind and helpless. So tiny, that they can fit into the palm of your hand. They must be bottle fed and given round-the-clock care. Less than a year later, they will weigh 180 pounds and be ready to be returned to the Canadian wilderness.

Cub Camp offers viewers a front-row seat at one of North America’s most successful black bear rehabilitation programs - a unique opportunity to follow a year in the life of thirty adorable, orphaned cubs, from the moment they’re rescued, to the day they’re released into the wild.

Each spring, 30 or more cubs are delivered to the Black Bear Rescue Center just North of Winnipeg, in the province of Manitoba. Newborn bear cubs are naked and blind when born and can weigh as little as seven ounces. Totally dependent on their mother’s milk, the first few months are critical to the cubs’ survival. When a mother is killed or for some reason needs to abandon them, they’ll die, unless they’re lucky enough to be spotted and rescued.

And that’s where our stories begin, when Provincial Conservation officers are notified about abandoned cubs and immediately set out to search for them. Once they find the cubs, they deliver them to the Black Bear Rescue Center where they are placed in the care of Roger and Judy Stearns.

Cub Camp is a new documentary television series produced by Merit Motion Pictures (Polar Bear Town, Dr. Keri: Prairie Vet) that will transport audiences into the lives of orphaned black bear cubs and the dedicated couple who are determined to keep them alive.

Format / Duration

6 x 1 hour



The Trailer

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